This ought to drive my kids crazy should they come across it in high school…


Tess15_n50fd67d53357a.jpg…in which appears my story, ‘My Name is Tommy.’

The SF section of a new textbook** for (essentially) every student teacher in Canada who intends to teach high school English highlights Tesseracts 15: A Case of Quite Curious Tales as follows:

“…an annual themed anthology of speculative fiction has, for its 2011 volume, brought out a collection of 27 YA stories by Canada’s speculative fiction luminaries. Curious Tales indeed, their variety and quality is startling. This anthology would be both an excellent introduction to fantasy for those who “don’t read that stuff” and a gateway to literary reading for the reluctant reader.”

**”Reading Canada: Teaching Canadian Fiction in Secondary Schools (by Wendy Donawa and Leach C. Fowler—Oxford University Press, 2013 ISBN 987-0-19-544615-9).


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