Ad Astra 2015: A Quick Review

I have to say this year’s Ad Astra felt like a revitalized convention and may have been the best in years. It wasn’t perfect, none ever are, but I hadn’t met one person who said they weren’t having fun, and that’s saying something. The crowds were good, the panels well attended and the Dealer’s Room had a great mix of book and artisan vendors. I met up with past friends and made many new ones.

And at the Lego display everything was AWESOME!IMG_0796



People even showed up for my reading. Okay, I shared the reading with Andrew Barton, and two of the people in attendance were his friends, and the third was someone I knew, but the fourth guy was completely new…or lost.

These guys are absolutely captivated.

These guys are absolutely captivated.


Still he was there, and Andrew and I had a good reading.IMG_0803

Another panel of note was A Merciless Deconstruction of Things that Other People Like: The Panel. One of the few times I wanted to get off the panel and sit with the audience and just watch because fellow panelists Adam Shaftoe, David Blackwood and Simon McNeil were so damn funny.

And as always it was a pleasure meeting up and having fun with my fellow SWG’ers Suzanne Church, Karen Danylak, Ian Keeling, Stephen Kotowych, and Tony Pi.

On the Bundoran Press side, we had great book launch Saturday night for Alison Sinclair’s Contagion: Eyre, and M. Darusha Wehm’s Children of Arkadia. Special thanks to Bundoran partners, Hayden Trenholm and Liz Westbrook-Trenholm.

And super big thanks to the convention committee and all the volunteer staff that made this such a great event.

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