Ad Astra 2017

Ad Astra is coming up next weekend and the old Con Fire is starting to burn in my belly. Here is my schedule:

When Did We Stop Being Funny?: Examination of the use of humour in genre writing; specifically, why humour seems to be embraced by genre aimed at younger audiences (Including YA) and less so by genre aimed at adults.
• Friday 7:00 PM – Aurora: Hayden Trenholm, Jen Frankel, Nicholas Eames, Mike Rimar

Historical Fantasy: What is it and how does it differ from fantasy or historical fiction? What makes for good historical fantasy? What are some variations within this genre?
• Saturday 11:00 AM – Richmond CD: Jane Ann McLachlan, Guy Gavriel Kay, Steve Stirling, Rebecca Diem, Mike Rimar

What are Old Heroes Supposed to Do, Die? Even while the population ages, most speculative fiction features young, fully abled protagonists. What happens after our favorite characters turn 50? Can aging mages, spacefarers and warriors still have adventures, find love, make a difference and change their lives forever?
• Sunday 12:00 PM – Newmarket: Arlene Marks, David Clink, Nicholas Eames, Alexandra Renwick, Mike Rimar, Hayden Trenholm

I’ll also be at the Bundoran Press tables selling our books, and at the Launch Party for Brendan’s Way by Matthew Bin Saturday 9 pm. Otherwise, you’ll find me wandering around looking at stuff. Feel free to say hello and chat.



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