Aurora Book Bundles Are back!

There is a new Aurora Award Story Bundle and Bundoran Press is proud to be part of it. There are a lot of great Canadian books included in this offer with plenty for every taste. I’ll be commenting on several of these over the next three weeks the bundle is a available but, today, let me start with Strange Bedfellows edited by Bundoran managing editor, Hayden Trenholm.

This anthology was the second from Bundoran Press and the first to be published after the press changed hands in 2013. The product of a very successful crowd funding campaign, we were able to attract great writers and stories, not just from Canada, but from around the world. In fact, writers from eight countries contributed to this collection of political science fiction ensuring a wide range of political and world views. Only two of the stories were actually written by Canadians.
Leading off the anthology is a great tale about criminal justice by Nebula Award winner, the late Eugie Foster. Katherine Sparrow, another Nebula nominee, also has a story as does multiple Aurealis Award winner, Australian Richard Harland.
More than 250 stories were submitted and the process of winnowing it down to a mere 18 was a daunting and fascinating process. There were several stories, I desperately wanted to include, but in the end, I made the tough decisions (though I was pleased to discover that my last 3 cuts eventually found a home elsewhere).

Hayden had a great time putting this anthology together and you will have a great time reading it. All these stories plus nine other books for as little as $15? What a bargain!
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