Back to school

The teacher’s strike was deemed illegal by the Ontario Labour Relations Board, meaning Ontario High School teachers are forced back to work. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a graduating year for my oldest daughter, so this gives me some relief. I just hope it’s not too late to salvage her school year.

That said, I do feel sympathy for the various unions affected. The teachers walked out in good faith. As with all unions, not everyone wanted to go on strike, but those opposed joined their brothers and sisters who felt their cause was just and together they walked their respective picket lines. Now, they have learned it was all for nothing. The party faithful will see it as political maneuvering, and the others will just see it as a waste of time. All will feel it in the paycheck for the next month or so.

Teachers aren’t the only ones affected. Returning students will be apprehensive, and a little angry. Angry at the teachers for walking out in the first place, but mostly angry at being forced back just as the weather is starting to get nice. They are still kids after all. There is also the workload. Many are stressed that they will be forced to make up for all that missed time by having massive amounts of homework and assignments dumped on them. Also they might have to write exams on material barely touched on in class. And while privately I’m thinking, welcome to university and college life, I know from personal experience high school students are woefully ill-prepared for post-secondary education. It’s going to be a rough time for many.

I hope that Ontario’s Liberals don’t see this as a reprieve, and ignore the situation. The teacher’s went on strike for good reasons and those reasons need to be addressed, or next time they go, their strike action will be legal, and I fear, far messier.


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