My panelist schedule for CAN-CON in Ottawa:

Friday 2000-2100 Room #4 On Spec Reading: Joint Reading of Writers Appearing in On Spec Magazine. (I’ll be reading from my story, Squatter’s Rights)
Saturday 1300-1330 Room #5 Reading: From the Files of the E.F.P.D.
Saturday 1600-1655 Room #1 Advice on the Craft to Aspiring Writers
Saturday 1800-1900 Room #4 The Place of On Spec in the Landscape of Canadian Literature.
Saturday 1900-1955 Room #2 Getting Noticed (in a good way) in the Novel and Short Story Slush Piles

Sunday 1200-1255 Room #3 No More Sparkly Vampires: Scary Monsters in Fiction

Otherwise I’ll be in the Dealer’s Room at the Bundoran Press table…or at the bar.


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