Don’t Be a Sheep. Vote!

Whenever I hear people complain about a democratically elected government in power the first thing I ask is, “Did you vote in the last election?” Too often the answer is no, didn’t like the candidates, all politicians are corrupt, didn’t have the time, couldn’t be bothered.

Whatever. I stop listening to them. I could tell them why they should vote, how people have fought and died so that you can have that right. People are fighting and dying right now for that right. Millions of people in this world will never have that right. Ever. I could, say all that but it wouldn’t make a difference and it’s not exactly news.

No, I stop listening because I believe it is the right of every Canadian citizen to complain. It is a national pastime. We complain about the weather, work, cable television, cell phone bills, the Leafs, but especially politics. And politics is about the only thing we, as individual citizens, have any control over.  By not voting you’ve lost that right to complain. By not voting you are a sheep, willing to follow the herd, happy to let others make decisions for you. Sheep have no rights. They get sheered, fleeced, and sometimes eaten.

Don’t be a sheep. Vote and complain.



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