End of a Rough Week, Beginning Another…

Firstly, I had a great time at CanCon. Much thanks to Derek Kunsken and his con team for putting together a wonderful event.

During the convention I’d been up for an Aurora award for best short story. I didn’t win, but then I didn’t expect to. That honour went to Ryan McFadden and well deserved congratulations to him.

Then I got home to a story rejection. Ah, well, life goes on.

Then I got a call from Writers of the Future to call them back. I was a finalist, surely they wouldn’t have me call long distance to California just to tell me I didn’t place.

Surely, they did. Well intentioned, but…

Then I got another rejection for another anthology.

And this morning again.

This is a tough business, and you really need to be a glutton for punishment to be in it. Sometimes I wonder why I bother, to have the carrot dangle before me just to have it snatched away. I don’t even like carrots.

But I’m a writer. I have ideas. I put them down on paper and I send them out to strangers to see if they like them and might want to pay me to share them. I am an award-nominated author. I have been a Writers of the Future finalist three times and have been published in Volume XXI as a published author. I am an associate publisher of a small press, Bundoran Press, and I am co-editing an anthology with my business partner Hayden Trenholm.

On top of that I am continuuing my schooling at Durham College. It’s tough being a student when you’re older than most instructors, but as the song goes:

“I’m doing all right, getting good grades

The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades”

So, I chug along because that’s what I do. I’m the little engine that could.




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  1. I hear you.

    Over the weekend I had one of those “Why do I do this to myself?” crises.

    I wish I had answers. Or advice. But all I have is commiseration.

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