Facebook is like a bad relationship with the wrong person.

I was going to write a quick post about the things I don’t like on Facebook…

[insert maniacal laughter here]

I avoided Facebook for years for the same reason I avoid chatrooms and forums. It’s all bullshit. However, I’m a writer and Facebook was, at least back then, a means of free self-promotion. Needless to say, I got hooked. In my defence, I do have a bit of a compulsive personality.

Going on Facebook is like entering a relationship with the wrong person. Like all budding relationships, it’s exciting and fresh. Everything is new and there is a bit of an ego stroke as you post something and people you’ve never met ‘like’ whatever you shared with the internet. You make friends with strangers. Oh, my, you’re popular.

Slowly, you begin to explore, delving deeper into all that Facebook has to offer, joining groups; listing all your favorite things; messaging other people. You are connected.

Then the little things soon become evident. Like pictures of cats. So many pictures of cats. Actual Facebook pages dedicated to cats. Grumpy Cat.

Still, cats are cute, right? And really, a few pictures shouldn’t be all that bad. Look at all the good that Facebook provides…well, provided before they went public on the stock market and went from trying to make money to having to make money. Actually, I get this. Facebook wasn’t yours to begin with, although millions don’t see it that way. Facebook is a business, and business is about making money.

But you didn’t want a business relationship, at least, not one where you had to pay. The honeymoon was over. Your feeds became inundated with click-bait ads while anything you posted got lost in the shuffle—unless you paid for your place in Facebook’s deck of cards.

And all those people you called friends? Did you ever actually read what they posted, their opinions on the world at large? Aren’t they beginning to sound a little crazy, and maybe just a little scary?

The problem is that it’s too late. You are hooked. You have invested too much time into this thing and despite all its faults, you continue seeing Facebook. You log on constantly during the day and night if not just leaving it ‘open’ in the background. You find reasons to continue your relationship; making new friends; playing the little games Facebook has to offer; posting your own cat pictures. You respond to crazy opinions by posting your own well-thought out, logical responses. Naturally, others think you’re the one who is crazy but what do they know?

Little by little you let Facebook steal seconds from your life until you look around and realize how much you’ve lost…and it’s all too late. You can’t get back a wasted life. You can’t go back in time and stop a bad relationship from happening. All you can do is move forward. Take the lessons life has given you and become a better person.

Or you can shrug and log back onto Facebook like millions of other people.

Yup. Just like me.


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