Facebook. Just Stop it!





So, kind of got distracted on my last post. Anyway, here are the things I hate about Facebook. Just stop it!

Posts that use cop outs like, “No words,” or “left me speechless.” Buy a damn dictionary and stop it!

Old memes. I know you’ve probably seen it for the first time but I don’t care. Stop it!

Memes that attribute quotes to fictional characters. No matter how relevant or pithy the statement might be, Jean Luc Picard was not a real person and Patrick Stewart, while a fine actor, only read a script. Someone real actually wrote those lines. Give him or her the credit. Stop it!

Open letters. Call them what they are–rants. A written letter is a personal dialogue between two entities. Sharing them with the public is just self-indulgent and couching your comments and opinions in the guise of formal communication. Stop it!

When you post about something you like, and people feel the need to comment on all they reasons they didn’t like what you liked. I’m not talking about a movie review which invites debate, but something mundane like, “I like donuts,” and someone replies with how bad they are for your health. Like I’m so stupid I don’t know that. Stop it!

When you ask a legitimate question and people reply that they don’t know the answer, usually followed by some trollish reason why they aren’t interested in the topic in the first place. I don’t care if you don’t know. I only care if you do know. Stop it!

Saying, “[name of city], I’m in you.” I have a sick mind and the image this conjures is just, I mean did you somehow crawl up a city’s intestine? Are you working your way through the colon? Just stop it!

Online petitions. Because, yeah they matter. Oh, just stop it!

Extreme politics. Far left, far right I don’t care. Each side is so earnest about defaming the other they’ll post anything no matter how ridiculous and bogus the accusation. And because the article or headline is usually attributed to some obscure online webzine you know it’s legitimate, right? Stop it!

Unchecked facts. You know how many times Joseph Mandela died before he actually died? Or how often some celebrity’s death notice gets posted years after they’ve died? Sometimes people on Facebook feel they must get the scoop on others. A simple search on articles and people will save you unnecessary embarrassment…and the need for me to say…

Stop it!


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