Here is my SF Contario Schedule for this year.

Ballroom BC          Sat. 10:00 AM                               Vampires? Shiny or not?                               Mike Rimar                                   

Vampires? Shiny or not?: Are we sick of vampires yet? Have they sparkled their way out of our hearts? Would we like them all over again if someone did something really innovative with them or is there nothing new to be said? Will the new Dracula series save them after all?

Gardenview          Sun.  11:00 AM                             Making it funny                     Mike Rimar                                   

Making it Funny: An alien, an android, and a human walk into a bar…Be it comic relief, an eccentric character, a witty retort, or an outright parody, humour is gold when it works and death when it fails. How do you get humour right?

Courtyard              Sat. 1:00 PM                                 Myth in Science Fiction and Fantasy                  Mike Rimar                                   

Myth in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Nordic, Celtic, and Arabic myths have been used frequently in sf and fantasy. Many authors have written stories set in universes based on old myths and religions. To what extent do the myths and the stories based on them have something to tell people of today about the human condition?

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