Lazarus Risen Table of Contents

I’ve been quiet of late, not that I blog much anyway. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Along with my co-editor, Hayden Trenholm, I’ve been been reading for Bundoran Press’s latest anthology, Lazarus Risen. It was difficult, with so many great stories to choose from, but we’ve managed to pare it down to what we believe are the best of the best. So, with no further ado, the Table of Contents for Lazarus Risen.




Introduction                                                    Mike Rimar

Inquisitor                                                        Brent Nichols

The Life and Soul of the Party                       Sean McMullen

Prometheus on the Operating Table               Teri Babcock

As Far As                                                        Nancy SM Waldman

Naive Gods                                                     Brad C. Anderson

Seal                                                                 Fiona Moore

In the Fen Country                                         Felice Picano

Sylvia and Larry                                             Mathew Shean

Innocence Prolonged and Overcome             Matt Moore

Lost Flesh                                                       Suzanne Church

Back Up                                                          Peter Wendt

Generation Gap                                              Holly Schofield

The Rebirth of Mr. Scratchy Claws               Deborah Walker

Lunar Escape                                                 Kevin Edwin Stadt

Phoenix Dreams                                            Leigh Kimmel

Not My Desert, Not My Tortoise                 Andrew Barton

Afterword                                                      Hayden Trenholm



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