Learnin be hard

So, day three back to school and my poor daughter is already exhausted and looking forward to the weekend. Rough life, this getting educated.

The teacher’s union fired another salvo, declaring they would go back on strike June 10, presumably after they crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s or whatever it was that caused their previous strike to be deemed illegal. The government shot back by passing legislation preventing the strike from happening in the first place. Whether the teachers honour that legislation remains the question, but these are teachers and not teamsters so I doubt there will be any problems other than wildcat stoppages.

Either way the teachers proved they are not out to punish the students, at least where my daughter goes to school. Final exams have been cancelled, and no major projects will be assigned, with a week moratorium before handing out homework. My daughter, for one, is greatly relieved.

As for the teachers, well many are sporting some serious tans. Some are even sunburned. As one student observed, “They look crispy.”


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