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  • Actual Quotes From History

    Ask not what science fiction can do for you, but what you can do for science fiction. Buy the Bundoran Buddies Sci-Fi Bundle. – John Fitzgerald Kennedy https://storybundle.com/scifi

  • Trump Press Conference

    Trump's Press Conference You ignored the corona (It wasn’t me) You lied about the testing (It wasn’t me) Fired the Global Health Team (It wasn't me) But we got it all on camera (It wasn’t me) You shook hands with infected (It wasn’t me) You refuse to get tested (It wasn’t me) You’re failing as a leader (It wasn’t me) "This press conference is over!"

  • Rimar House Rules...to writing.

    Don’t write. Ever. Words will magically appear on the page. Don’t worry about it. Grammar is someone you should call at least once a month. If they’re in a seniors home, visit them. You might be in their will. No need to read anything, especially in the genre of your choosing. Every idea that comes out of your head is a unique gift to share with the world. Dragons that horde gold, cars that can fly, monsters that hide in dark places, all original because you thought of them all by yourself. Watc…

  • Stopwatch Gang Annual Christmas Lunch

    Not everyone could attend, but those who did had a good time. Seated left to right, Tony Pi, Costi Gurgu, and Suzanne Church. As usual, I'm behind the camera.

My story, First Pillar of Wisdom, appears in the anthology Tesseracts 22: Alchemy and Artifcacts, eds. Lorina Stephens and Susan MacGregor, Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.

My story, Strings, appears in On Spec Vol 29 #3-4 (double issue)

Echoes in the Bones is an ebook collection of my preciously published horror and dark fiction available on Kindle and Kobo.

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