Mikey Does Washington

My Washington World Fantasy Report


Back from my second World Fantasy which was held in Washington this year. It did not begin well, with a horrendous flight into Dulles that even had the seasoned flyers queasy. Then I discovered the airport was on the wrong side of DC making the taxi ride very expensive. So, whatever money I had hoped to save by taking Porter I lost with travel on the ground.

*New travel rule – if I can’t get there by car, I’m not going.

Other than that the Convention was good…I guess. I would like to say I went to a ton of panels and learned a lot of stuff. While I did learn stuff—you always learn something at these conventions—I didn’t attend one panel. I did manage to get to the Chizine reception (apparently no one was allowed to use the word ‘party’) but didn’t stay long. I’d decided before I left that, weather permitting, I was going to be a tourist.

So I went to bed early and Saturday weather permitted, so I toured.

I’m not the best tourist in the world. I’m much like Chevy Chase in ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation,’ pause look around, move on. In my defence I didn’t have a lot of time, (thanks to daylight savings waste-of-time), but I did get so see a lot of stuff I ever only saw in media: The Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, Martin Luther King and Jefferson Monuments (although they were drive-bys), the Capital Building, the White House, and some prominent museums. You can see the pictures for yourself.

When I returned I hit the bar where I met authors, agents, and others like me hungry to get a foothold in this crazy business. I also met some of the guys from Rolling Thunder, the bike club comprised of military veterans who were also holding a convention at the hotel. I went to the Art Show Gala with Karen Danylak and met up with James Allen Gardner where we had an interesting conversation about ripping a black hole in the fabric of space and time temporal underwear. Karen did not appear amused. I met up with fellow SWG members Ian Keeling and Suzanne Church and her beau Michael Green in the Con-suite. I also got to meet Joe Haldeman and his wife Gay, which was cool because I loved his book, The Forever War.

Then I went to bed because I was tired. Tired, but not disappointed. Sometimes I go to cons thinking I’ve missed something, or I need to stay up…just because, but this time I managed to do what I set out to do. And that was okay with me. Either that or I’m just getting old.

Sunday was a day of worry, as I dreaded the flight back to Toronto. I chatted a while with Chizine authors David Nickle and Madeline Ashby, Michael Rowe, and Rio Youers until it was time to go. Thankfully the flight back was just perfect. Smooth, hardly a bump and we must have had a tailwind because we landed almost a half-hour early.

And that was it. Another World Fantasy in the can. Thanks as always to the con committee and all the volunteers who made it possible.

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