My 2013 in Review

What a difference a year makes. It’s a tired old cliché, I know, but it’s true.

Last year ended with a long slow slither into depression. Not the, gosh-darn-life-sucks kind of depression, but the REAL depression. The kind where you wonder if life can get any worse and realize, yeah, it can and probably will, the kind that screws with your already screwed thyroid and you gain 30 pounds, the kind where your doctor suggests, quite strongly, medication might be the way to go. That kind of depression.

Enter 2013. The change wasn’t immediate, but neither was it gradual. Many of the changes where guided by my own hand, some where foundations laid in the previous year, but my life got better. Here, in no particular order, are some of the highlights of 2013.

  • Enrolled in college yet again as a 911 Emergency operator, which so far, I’m enjoying very much and getting really good grades.
  • Became a partner in Bundoran Press. While I’d talked with Hayden and Liz Trenholm about this in 2012, it wasn’t official until June. Bundoran Press is a small publisher of Science Fiction with a couple of awards and nominations already under its belt. So far, it’s been a real fun ride.
  • “A Bunny Hug for Karl,” published in Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories, edited by Claude Lalumiere and Camille Alexa. While I’d sold this one the previous year, it didn’t come out until March 2013.
  • “The Return of Hobard the Vanquisher” published in When the Hero Comes Home 2. Edited by Ed Greenwood and Gabrielle Harbowy.
  • Got to pose with the Stanley Cup.WP_000019
  • “Squatter’s Rights” accepted by On Spec. This was a big one for me. I’ve always said to be a true Canadian genre writer, you need to have stories in two publications: the Tesseracts anthology series by Edge Science Fiction and On Spec Magazine. Achievement unlocked.
  • “Night Shift at the Tim Hornets”, “The Devil’s Due”, “Echoes in the Bones” published in Black Black Treacle has been very kind to me this year, picking up three of my stories, including their Halloween special.
  • Went to the annual local Ribfest. Not a big deal, but…RIBS!DSCF0035
  • Went to FanExpo in Toronto where I worked the Bundoran Booth. Never thought I’d be the one shilling stuff instead of the masses shuffling past. And we even sold some books!
  • Attended Science Fiction Conventions Ad Astra, SFContario, and CanCon in Ottawa where I got to present an Aurora Award to Kari Maaren.DSCF0263
  • “Food Chain” accepted by Beware the Dark, a UK Zine.
  • Returned to school. Bears mentioning twice.
  • Reconnected with a special friend, and while nothing may come of it, I do find myself sporting a goofy grin for no reason.cropped-IMG_00031.jpg

There is more that has happened, and not all of it good, but the good far outweighed the bad which could only mean one thing: the end of the world is nigh.  So, to all those who survive the coming apocalypse, I’m sorry.

…but not really.


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