My 2015 in review.

When you get older and the year comes to an end you are left to wonder where the time went and worry about just how little was accomplished. It’s easy to remember all the bad things that had happened and the opportunities lost for whatever reason. However, if you stack the good stuff together, binge on them like missed episodes of a favorite television show, you might get a different perspective of what has happened in a short 365 days. And so, I present some of the more memorable events of my 2015: Read and edited for Second Contacts, the latest anthology from Bundoran Press and my first attempt at being an editor and not just a writer… Completed my courses at Durham College… IMG_0865…graduating with honours… IMG_0867 Made these silly little movie for the Bundoran Press YouTube channel…   Sent my oldest daughter off to college, a bittersweet moment as you can guess… Sheridan-College-Oakville Held a successful book launch for Second Contacts… SecondContactsCover Started a new job working for Onstar. Technically, it’s Minacs which Onstar outsources, but...yeah, I’m the voice who talks to you when you push that big blue button… onstar-logo Gave my first interview for an upcoming issue of On Spec magazine which was very cool. Hopefully they are actually able to use some of what I said, I tend to ramble. And, oh yeah, had stories published in these magazines… on-spec-winter-14_15-coverfunnyscifi_coveron-spec-100th-issue-coverRobotica51bR-7-oyNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_   All in all not a bad year. Next promises to be almost as interesting with a new anthology coming up for Bundoran Press called Lazurus Risen, yet another story coming out in an upcoming On Spec, and who knows what other surprises. So Happy New Year to you and your respective loved ones. Hope your binging was as good if not better than mine.

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  1. I have enjoyed all of the books in the 1632 usrneive, but to be honest, the portions contributed by Virginia DeMarce are the most challenging to read, but even so are still very entertaining. I was glad to read on one of your sites that future books will expand the British and the North American theaters of operation, but am curious whether the Wallenstein east ward expansion will continue from where it left off in The Grantville Gazette.

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