My CANCON 2015 Schedule


9 pm Bundoran Press Party — Con Suite

Launch of Falcon’s Egg by Edward Willett, and Second Contacts Anthology featuring readings, mingling with fans, writers, editors and publishers. Nicole Lavigne, Mike Rimar, Andrew Barton, Matt Moore, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm.



2 pm Pop Seagull Press Invites You to Cake and a Book Launch — Con Suite

This new anthology features 17 authors examining romantic and sexual relationships with artificial life. And don’t miss the cake and coffee! Editor Elizabeth Hirst, writers Ira Nayman, Mike Rimar, Tim Carter, Jen Frenkel, Amy Sisson.

5 pm The Worlds of Garbielle and Ed — Salon B

Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood have partnered on a number of publishing ventures, past and future. Panelists discuss themes and worldviews over anthologies and what it is like to work with Gabrielle and Ed. Gabrielle Harbowy, Fanny Darling, Mike Rimar, Leah Petersen, Mary Pletsch.

6 pm Reading — Salon C

Serenade on Lake Ontario

7 pm Getting Noticed (in a Good Way) in the Novel and Short Story Slush Piles — Salon B

Ever sent in a manuscript along to a publisher along with everyone else in the world? Mike Rimar, Gabrielle Harbowy, Elizabeth Hirst.



1 pm Gangster Stories Gangster Stories — Salon C

Writers of all genres learning structure from The Godfather, The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy and other gangster stories. Caroline Frechette, Fanny Darling (m), Mike Rimar



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