Rule 13. Who’s the boss?

All things take time, nothing more so than writing. And projects will pile up. However, like all beginning writers, those projects don’t immediately pay, if at all. This is especially true of silly writing rules. You need to balance what is important with what is more a casual hobby.

This is where time management comes into play.

The big word here is MANAGEMENT. You have to make the big decisions, and with the big decisions come the hard decisions. Time management is like editing; sometimes you have to kill your darlings.

But management goes beyond that.

Take a hard look at your goals and your abilities to accomplish those goals. Some people can pound out an amazing word count in a very short time, others not so much. Some people have set times to write, others have variable times making a set schedule difficult. Some people are focused go-getters. My picture is in the dictionary beside the word, PROCRASTINATE.

I’ve come to terms with my strengths and weaknesses. I knew that if I was to to finish my current writing project, followed by another writing project, atop the ‘adulting’ duties of work and family I would have to either delay or even drop other projects. That didn’t include the other projects that popped up like something I did for Bundoran Press and…my God, writing is like a real business.

Well, so it is, AND YOU’RE THE BOSS. Act like one. Do what needs to be done and in the end, when you look back , there won’t be any guilty “Woulda, coulda, shoulda’ves.” You wouldv’e done your best with what you had. You won’t have to fire yourself and if you haven’t died you’ll have time to finish all that other stuff.

There may come a time where I’m paid to write, where I’ll have a deadline that I’ll do my best to meet or even beat. It is definitely good practice to get into that frame of mind. That means deciding which project is important and which one is just a distraction. That means being your own boss.Besides no one reads this blog anyway.



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