Rule 4. You missed a day of writing?!!!! meh…

So, my intention was to blog a writing rule every week. Fourth week in and I missed one. No, I didn’t do it on purpose, it just worked out that way. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes other projects take precedence. Sometimes you just don’t wanna do it.

As a life-long procrastinator I say, it’s okay.

NanoWrimo is one of my favorite pet peeves. Every year so many people get geared up, making plans and promises, then come the posts on social media:

…I missed my word count…

…I’m sick today…

…I’ve had a limb amputated…

I’m not going to make my Nano goal this year! My life is over! I am worthless!

No, your life is not over and you are not worthless.

The fact is you will miss your word count, you will occasionally get too sick to write, and if you aren’t careful you may well lose a limb. It isn’t the end of the world. Well, the limb part might be…in retrospect probably not the best example.

You have to understand and accept that, despite your dedicated time allotment, your discipline, your multiple awards perched atop your desk for inspiration, you will miss a day or even a week. It happens. And it’s okay. The real discipline is picking it up again as soon as you can and finish your work-in-progress.

Do that and hold your head up high, because you are a writer.


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