Rule 8. Write where you are most comfortable being weird.

In the movie, The Whole Wide World, Vincent D’Onofrio portrays Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian.

One scene that struck me was of Howard at his typewriter screaming out prose as he typed. I don’t know if that was true of Howard, but I do understand it. I have my own quirks when I write. You probably won’t see them because I do most of my writing alone.

That is where I am most comfortable.

That’s me. If you’re one of those people who need a crowd, or like to sit in a coffee shop and write, that’s great. But if you find that you really aren’t being productive, consider it might not be the environment distracting you.

It might be performance anxiety. You might want to cut loose with a string of choice four-letter words, laugh out loud, thump on the table in frustration, but you don’t because you are in a public place. To so would make you, and likely those around you, uncomfortable.

I feel comfortable writing by myself. There is no competition with other writers who type faster than me, no idle chatter to draw my attention, no pastries that I really don’t need but will likely buy. Just me, my keyboard, and my imagination.

And the internet. You know, for research and stuff.


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