Second Contacts included in the Aurora Award Story Bundle!

Bundoran Press is thrilled to have not one but two of our anthologies in the latest Aurora Award Story Bundle. In my last note, I described Strange Bedfellows, which was an award finalist, but, now, let’s focus on our award-WINNING anthology, Second Contacts, or as some people call it: All Aliens, All the Time.

The premise of the anthology, co-edited by Bundoran Press publishers, Mike Rimar and Hayden Trenholm, is: what happens 50 years after first contact between alien species. In most cases, one of the species is humans, but in one case, the species are two forms of intelligent (and space faring) plants. That story by Nicole Lavigne went on to be translated and published in China. Meanwhile, Get the Message by Peter Wendt was included in the short list of the juried Sunburst Award. The jury said: “Peter Wendt’s “Get the Message” features a ticking clock, the impending destruction of the human race and an appeal for help that falls on deaf ears – or equivalent to ears – in species across the galaxy. With a brilliant balance of humour and tension, “Get the Message” shows how being on your own ain’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Of course, as is often the case in science fiction, these tales of alien interaction were used to explore many issues that face humanity when one culture interacts with another, including such fundamental questions as what it means to be human and how colonialism and post-colonialism impact human societies. As we like to say at Bundoran Press, Science Fiction is our conversation with the future and these 17 stories include a great diversity of conversations.

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