Star Trek Into Darkness

Well, I’ve finally seen ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and I liked it. [SPOILERISH] I liked it despite its flaws because you know what? It’s Star Trek not Nova. I never watched Star Trek because I expected the science to be right, or all the plot lines to be logical. For that, I watched Star Wars. What I do enjoy is watching a set of characters I grew up with have exciting adventures. And this is what Star Trek Into Darkness delivers.

My biggest quibble is the same I had from when I first heard the rumors. With the whole of the alternate Star Trek Universe, why mess with Khan? And in a way, it was Khan with a bit of Undiscovered Country conspiracy mixed in. Anyway, Wrath of Khan always had an emotional resonance because the audience had traveled with this crew of actors for some time. Many since the very beginning, Myself, through reruns in the early seventies and later some of the tie-in novels. There was a connection, so when Spock died, it was a heartbreaking shock.

While in the new franchise the characters are still the same, the actors playing them ares till new and there is not emotional attachment when one or the other is facing certain death. Not yet anyway. If J.J. Abrams needs to dabble with the old cannon go with some of the lesser known stuff, the B-sides of Star Trek. Let him work his magic with that material.

That said, I’m looking forward to repeated viewings of Sunday afternoon showings on Space a year from now.



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