26 October 2020

Right vs Left


The big question: how can extreme right-wingers be the way the are?

My answer: They can’t lose, at least politically.

Take for example what’s happening in the US. Trump is by far the most extreme right-wing politician in recent memory. The thing about Trump is he only fights for half the nation. Some may argue that he fights for a minority of the population. I hope so, but the fact is not matter how narrow a margin, enough Americans felt strongly enough to elect him president, and most of those people have not changed their views.

Why not? Trump has proven to be more of a liability than an asset. If I were American looking back on the last four years I’d say this guy is not worth the effort. He is openly hated by the democrats and secretly hated by half of his own party. He has gone into a trade war with just about everybody. So, why all this unexplained loyalty? Not everyone is racist. Not everyone is a conspiracy nut. Not everyone is unaware or unwilling to believe in the damage he’s done on the world stage.

Because US right-wingers are in a win-win situation. If Trump wins, he fights for right-wingers exclusively, going so far as to threaten holding back aid to states with democratic governors. On the flip side, if Biden wins, he’ll fight for all Americans and that includes right-wingers. Oh, sure, they will scream socialism and communism, but when they time comes they’ll take that government sponsored service, or that money, or whatever it is they claim to hate so much. Given enough time they will make them as American as apple pie.

Not so long ago unions were considered communist. Now some of your most ardent right-wingers or unionists. Go figure.


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