29 October 2020

Scary Halloween

The US election is less than a week away at the time of this writing. I’ve been pulling back from watching the news. I believe at this point the lines have been drawn, decisions made and in many cases, votes already cast. Short of some cataclysmic event, everything from now on is just hyperbole. This election is probably the most tense election I have ever known. And the most frightening. What scares me the most is not the Trump won’t leave office if he loses.

Scary, but not the scariest.

What scares me the most is that Trump will win, fair and square, or if he loses it is by such a slight margin. Not because such a result will be disputed in the courts forever, but because that would mean there are enough voting Americans who like Trump, who believe what he is doing is good, who are willing to let their country die just to “stick it to the libs.”

Yeah. That’s terrifying for me and for the world.

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