8 January 2021


These officials apologizing or trying to explain the lack of police presence in DC are a joke. The common thread is, “we wanted a soft approach to the protestors.” What they mean is, “Come on, white protesters are good people. They won’t do anything. Sure, they have guns, but they’re white.”
Why weren’t there massive arrests? “What? Arrest white people?”
As for the curious lack of manpower, I suspect no small amount of police and National Guard were already out there…off duty, not in uniform, phones turned off.
And the delay in mobilizing the National Guard? That requires permission from the DOD and the Pentagon. Enough appointed lickspittles in those organizations to delay those requests.
The fact is the US Capital was under assault long before the Jan. 6 riot. Given the right-wing rot from within, from the very top on down, nothing will be done. The wrongs will be swept under the carpet, or lost in endless government oversight committees and quiet resignations.
And of course there are those elected officials like Hawley and Cruz who hide behind the flag, who during while hiding from the the rioters were busy setting up Kickstarters and organizing fundraisers with the blessing of those who not only support their seditious cause, but firmly believe the rioters were actually Soros-supported Antifa.
You just can’t fix stupid.

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