15 January 2021

So how about them Republicans?

Even after home-grown radicals stormed the US Capital, with increasing evidence this may have been an organized assault, Republican lawmakers voted against impeachment. How can this be? Have they no patriotism?

Well, for most, I would think it was very easy. Oh, not like Jim Jordon or Matt Gaetz easy, they sold their souls to Satan long ago. No, it was easy because they didn’t have to vote for impeachment.

A Democratic majority meant an impeachment was guaranteed. Liz Chenney and nine other far more principled GOPs voting for impeachment was just icing on the cake. Together, they made the impeachment a bi-partisan vote and took all the pressure off. Free of voting their consciences, they could now do what they do best, worry about themselves.

To be sure they’ve many fears from getting re-elected to personal safety from the same extreme right-wing militia nutbars that stormed the Capital. What they don’t have to fear is their place in history. Jordon, Gaetz, Mo Brooks, a few others, they’ll likely not be well-respected by future historians, but what about that guy from district blah-blah of the great State of Middle America?

Who? What’s his name? I think he’s bald.

A quick Google search brings up all the Republicans who voted for the impeachment. Those who voted against, so many pages in you stop searching.

By voting for impeachment Liz Chenney brought great cover for the GOP. The vote will forever be known as a bi-partisan vote. When future debates are held, it will be referred to as a bi-partisan vote. So, why not take the safest course and vote the party line no matter what?

Cowardice. Selfishness. Greed.

That’s politics.

Speaking of which, what about Mitch McConnell?

Much has been made of his denial to open the Senate for an early impeachment trial. Again, why would he? So close to the end of Trump’s presidency, why besmirch the GOP’s reputation even further by having them impeach their own Republican president?

But there may be an even more Machiavellian consideration. It has been reported that McConnell is furious with Trump. He barely tolerated him before but saw him as a necessary evil to get what he wanted, but after the storming of the Capital and the lack of contrition from Trump since, he now hates him and wants him out of the party permanently. The senate, however, is still a Republican majority. Assuming all the Democrats will vote to convict, there still needs to be 17 GOP senators to vote the same way.

Nowhere near a guarantee.

Waiting for Biden, Harris, and a Democratic majority might help tilt that scale. McConnell could even vote to convict himself. A win win.

Again, Cowardice. Selfishness. Greed.

That’s politics.

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