16 May 2021

My Political Rant

For a government that has up until now put the onus of fighting the pandemic solely upon the shoulders of the People of Ontario, I find it curious that the provincial Conservatives suddenly feel they must dictate what is good for the People.

Take for instance the most recent lockdown restrictions. To be clear, I’m all for the lockdown, but this pandemic has created an upside down world. Who had golf courses as a battleground topic on their bingo card?

Toronto has closed sections of Lakeshore Blvd. for ActiveTO which is fine. Exercise is healthy, or so I’m told. However, the crowds at ActiveTo vs crowds at a golf course is fairly one-sided. Ignore societal prejudices of golf courses and just look at the numbers. Bikers, runners, walkers literally packed together, huffing and puffing and sweating vs a group of four people walking or driving a golf course, usually hitting balls so far apart they only see each other on the tee and the green. And golf courses create revenue. As a friend once told me, it’s a $90 walk in a park. Nevertheless, pay they do, and that generates into jobs.

But this isn’t the reason Ford has given for closing courses. It’s afterwards, where golfers get together for a couple of ‘pops’.

In case you still aren’t sure ‘pops’ means beer. I’m pretty sure it’s a hold over term from the ‘80’s. And Premier Ford believes golfers are all a bunch of drunks. Do golfers like a beer after a round? Sure. Do they need one? No.

Nowadays golf takes a loooong time to play, so long that many people only play 9 holes. Often holes are played early in the morning. Drinking afterwards just isn’t done. And even if it were done, where would they do it? Clubhouses are closed. Bars are closed. Even backyards are closed in theory. So where are these ‘pops’ being had?

Doug Ford has seen Caddyshack on time too many.

Take next the removal of AstraZeneca. The risk of blood-clots is 1 in 55,000.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), patients are so far and few between it is likely still too difficult to find a common cause. Still, 1 in 55,000. Honestly, this one can be left to the people with a simple waiver. Yes, I understand the risks. Yes, I’m still willing to take the vaccine. Done. People will say no. People would have said yes, too. I would have. Ford had taken the option away. With the build-up of unused vaccines, how long before Ford begins to lament the shortage of other vaccines?

Ultimately, this is a government crapping in its pants. In the beginning they had everything under control. Even I was grudgingly impressed, but I knew it wouldn’t last long and it didn’t. There was a cycle. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easter. Restrictions eased with every major shopping cycle, then it was all, “Come on folks. I’ll pull the trigger.” But he never did. He only threatened, wagged his finger and politicized by blaming the federal government.

It’s tiresome and disheartening. More so, because I’m sure he will get re-elected. Unlike Federal politics where urban centers hold sway, rural areas hold a fair amount of electoral power and they tend to vote conservative. I just know I won’t vote conservative. After what I’ve seen the last year and half, I’ll never vote Conservative ever again, either provincial or federal.

Fuck ’em.



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