26 October 2020


Mike Rimar is an award-winning writer and editor. His story, A Bunny Hug for Karl, was nominated for the 2014 Prix Aurora for Best Short Story. He has co-edited two anthologies, Second Contacts which won the 2016 Prix Aurora and Lazarus Risen which was also nominated for a Prix Aurora. Atop his writing accomplishments, Mike was an associate publisher of Bundoran Press.






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A modern day Hearth Master is no ordinary chef. Boston cream pie requiring cream from Boston; toad in the hole needing an actual toad found in a hole; spotted dick…point at a random person and say, “I see you, Dick,” are but a few recipes. The money is great, but once agreed upon, the dish must be made. All well and good until Satan himself requests a devil’s food cake. The main ingredient? Heart and soul.

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Before the First World War T.E. Lawrence was a young archeologist specializing in middle-east antiquities when he is tasked by a mysterious government organization to find the mythical Staff of Moses.  Together with friend and fellow archeologist, Gertrude Bell, Lawrence begins an adventure that will change both his life and the course of history.

Read ‘The First Pillar of Wisdom’ in Tesseracts 22, Alchemy and Artifacts – Lorina Stephens, Susan MacGregor, Eds., Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.