The busy, not so busy last couple of weeks…

So, been a crazy bunch of weeks. NanoWriMo is in full swing…for some people, I never participate in the yearly write-a-thon. Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry is going into high gear, and while entertaining I have little hope for an actual impeachment because Republicans.

Chizine, a small Canadian Press specializing in horror and dark fiction has nearly imploded after accusations of withholding royalty payments, author harassment and employee sexual harassment. This one hits a little closer to me as I had submitted my YA novel to them for consideration. That was years ago, and after a couple of follow-ups I just assume it was rejected. Dodged a bullet with that one.

Celebrated my oldest daughter’s 22nd birthday. All my daughters fill me with pride, but man, each passing year just reminds me how old I am. I guess I’m approaching that midlife crisis portion of aging.

Anyway, I burned my hand on a very, very, very hot frying pan.


Now available for Kindle

Echoes in the Bones is now available for your Kindle.


Been a little lax around here…

Haven’t been posting much on the old website. Hopefully I will be changing that. Don’t hold your breath, but I will try.

Let’s begin with an update. Tesseracts 22 is out in print! The anthology is getting good reviews. You should buy it if you haven’t already. Christmas is coming and books make a great secret Santa gift.











Sold my story, ‘On Hestian Cooking’ to On Spec Magazine. This will be my fifth sale to them so that makes me an ace or something. Warning, that is going to be my joke for a little while.

I’m going to release ebooks on my short previously published short stories. The first, entitled, The Echoes in the Bones, is a collection of my Dark Fantasy stories and is available in Kobo and Kindle.











That’s it for now.


When Words Collide

Thank you WhenWordsCollide for a great convention. I met a lot of people, didn’t get to meet everyone, but that’s the nature of the beast. Here is a bunch of pictures. Going to have to link to FB because suddenly my pictures exceed the maximum size allowed on this site.



Happy ebook Day!

Tesseracts 22 is now out in e-book which includes my Fifty-Shades-of-Lawrence-of-Arabia story, “The First Pillar of Wisdom.” Get it and other great stories here.