11 May 2022

So, lately…

My latest fad is online poker. Yeah, yeah I know. But it’s a game I’ve always liked playing and I keep it to penny ante stuff. Not playing for mortgages or anything like that. Besides I lost the house in the divorce. Ha. Ha.

I’m also slowly, and I mean literally dragging myself back into writing something. Anything. I’ve really lost the will, ambition, desire. I never looked for money, but I wouldn’t say no to it. If anything I just want a book published but I’m beginning to think I’ve got a fear of succeeding. Or just sick of the rejection. Every time I think, yeah, this is good. This is the one. Maybe the best I’ve ever written and…nothing. Meh. I’ve been down this road before but getting back on the path is getting tougher. Unlike many people, I’ve worked every day of this Covid thing with ever increasing hours. Good money, but less time to do other things and when I got the time the last thing I want to do is write. and I’m not getting any younger. But a story is always kicking around in my head and there’s always that desire, that hope that maybe this is the one. Or not. I keep telling myself I write for myself. That’s a lie. I write for others. I write hoping someone else might like whatever it is I wrote. That’s turning into a very, very small list. It’s a list of my own creation, in that I’m not big on self promotion. I don’t have a big social media following and don’t really want one. Well, that’s a bit longer ramble than I anticipated. Time for work.

15 April 2022

It’s Good Friday.

And a rare holiday for me. I say rare because my work schedule is such that most holidays fall on a day I already have off. The good news is, if it’s a stat holiday I get paid. The bad news, the only way I get a three day weekend is if I’m, (cough, cough) not feeling well. 😉

9 April 2022

Bringing Back The Web Blog As It Should Be

I’m paying for this stupid website. Have been for a very long time and frankly, I think it’s a waste of my money. I hardly use it. I only post publications and those are rare and far between. Occasionally I get a big head and think, Yeah, I’m gonna create huge blog posts. I do a couple, life gets in the way and that’s that. I only have so much time to do things. But maybe quick snippets. Periodic things about nothing. Yeah. Let’s see how that goes.

7 April 2022

Achievement Unlocked! I’m a member of SFWA!

That’s right. I’m in. A full member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. It’s not some secret cabal. You don’t get to learn a secret handshake that gets you published more. It’s just an organization formed to help and protect writers (and artists) in the genre. It is also a bit of a badge of achievement. You can be an associate member, but to be a full member requires a certain amount of sales and publications. Unfortunately, each time I closed in the that goal, SFWA moved the posts back. Recently, SFWA retooled their full membership requirements to recognize modern times. Not all sales are ‘professional’ sales or ‘traditional.’ Self-publishing, once considered taboo, is quickly becoming the norm. Enough sales below the professional rate can multiply to be quite sizable. The rules have changed to reflect this and opened the door for me an a lot of other writers. So, for that I thank the committee for making a small dream come true.